Managed Live Chat - Same Visitors, More Customers

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  • Real Human Operators

    Our team of UK based professional chat operators and sales agents are highly trained and love to delight customers.

  • Increase Sales

    Selling Online? Your business could benefit with up to 3x increase on conversion rate. Our experienced team have generated over £25million in sales revenue since 2015.

  • Lead generation

    By having X3 interact and engage with your visitors, you will gain more leads from the same traffic you already receive.

  • Industry Leading Software

    Our in house development team manage powerful cloud based applications for both chat deployment and interaction management.

  • No contracts

    We are confident that you will receive real value from our service. We work on a 30 day billing cycle and don't tie you in.

  • Extended Opening Hours

    We're open late which means you can be too. Up to 30% of your visitors are browsing after hours. X3 can capture those leads and messages.

Why X3 LiveChat?

The use of LiveChat on websites is set to increase in 2019 by over 80% and is fast becoming the preferred contact method for many potential customers.

Often businesses owners do not have the time to man their own LiveChat and cannot warrant taking on extra dedicated staff. This is where X3's fully managed LiveChat service comes in.

Our team of professional LiveChat agents work as a shared resource for multiple companies meaning that your LiveChat is always accessible, with messages answered on behalf of your company in seconds.

Our team have generated over £25million in sales revenue via LiveChat since 2015.

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What can X3 LiveChat do for my business?

We implement and manage LiveChat on your website.

X3 acts as a receptionist service to take messages and leads. We can also proactively engage with your website visitors in order to increase your leads or web site conversions. The service we give you depends on your preferences therefore our service is tailored specifically to your needs.

We answer queries promptly and professionally and handle chats guided by your preferences and by using a shared knowledgebase - where you can share any relevant information or files with our team.

Our industry leading software is integrated into your website using just a single line of code.

How quickly are chats answered

Our software is designed to connect your visitors to an available agent as quickly as possible. We aim to answer chats within 30 seconds but generally we are able to respond within a few seconds.

What hours do you operate?

Our LiveChat operation is online in the UK within the following hours:
Mon - Fri, 9am - 10pm
Saturday, 9am - 5pm
Sunday, 10am - 4pm

How will your operators know about my products / services?

This is one of the most common questions we receive. 

We work across many industries and are confident that we can handle your customer enquiries professionally and effectively.

As part of the onboarding process, the team assigned to your account are briefed on your website, products and any services you offer.

We utilise a shared knowledge-base which lists FAQs and key information. If you are selling products online we also store information on delivery times, returns policy and any discounts or incentives you wish to provide to your potential customers.

If you take an estate agency business as an example, the live chat would capture leads and messages and they would be passed on to the company. We use the shared knowledge-base to list common questions, information about their services and information that is to be caputured on a lead sheet.

A chat example (shortened):
Hi, I'm looking to rent a property in Watford.
Chat Operator:
That's great, so we can assist with your property search, please could you provide me with your name, email address, phone number, monthly rent budget, bedrooms and any must haves for your home.

The information we collect can be set directly by the customer and updated within the X3 client portal.

Now if you take an ecommerce store selling products online as an example, again we use the shared knowledge-base. We find that most of the answers to queries customers have  can be found on the website. We can signpost them to the the right URL, or lookup information on the site and feed it back to them in real time.

For example, the visitor states: I'm looking to order this product today, just want to check how long is the delivery? We then check the delivery policy and provide the information.

For complex enquries we will handle them as leads and pass them to your team to act on. This would look something like this to the customer: We have a product specialist available today that can assist you with that, could I take your name and number or email address?

What Security and Data Protection do you have in place?

Every X3 LiveChat is encrypted by using a 256bit SSL protocol, both for your customers using the chat box on your website and our agents using our cloud based applications.

The X3 service is fully GDPR and PCI DSS compliant.

How long does it take to go live?

We're a dynamic company and our software allows us to get going at the click of the button. We like to get things right first time so we will ask for some key information about your business and brief our team prior to launch.

You can generally go live within the same day, but this will depend on the type of business you are and the type of products/services you offer.

For business that have more complex requirements, our team will advise a realistic timeframe.

Do you invite visitors to chat?

Yes, we recommend that we optimise your account for maximum customer engagement. This maximises the leads / sales we can generate for you.

If you would prefer that we only respond to LiveChat requests we can configure your account in this way.

How much does X3 LiveChat cost?

We beleive in keeping things simple and have just 3 plans to choose from starting at just £99+VAT per month. Visit our Pricing page to view our plans or Contact us to discuss the best plan for your business.

What Reporting is available?

At the end of each chat we email you a full copy of the transcript to an email address of your choice. We also send leads / messages to you via email and text message depending on your preference.

Your X3 online portal will give you a breakdown of chats, transcripts and other useful metrics.

How do you get LiveChat onto my website?

We simply give you a single line line of code to insert into your website which either you or your web host can do in seconds. If you are comfortable sharing your web site logins with our technical team, we will be happy to do this for you free of charge.

Do we need to buy software?

No, included in all our plans is our industry leading, cloud hosted LiveChat solution. As we fully manage the service for you there are no licences to buy or software to install. We simply give you a couple of lines of code to insert into your website which either you or your web host can do in seconds.

How do we sign up?

The best way to get started is to complete our Registration form which you can view by clicking here. This provides us with the basic information we need to create an account for you. 

You can also reach our team here: Contact Us

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