Smart ID Tags with Contact Profile and Location Sharing

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  • Scanable by QR code

    Each of our tags or labels uses a QR code to deliver the user to our web app.  We also print a web address and unique ID which can be used as well as the QR code.

  • GPS Location

    When a tag is scanned, you are immediately notified along with the GPS location of where the scan took place. The GPS location is obtained from the device the finder is using.

  • High quality tags

    We design and manufacturer high quality aluminum tags which combined with our print technology are waterproof and fade resistant. We also produce a range of extra strong labels for other applications such as asset management and lost property.

  • Your Owner Profile

    Once a tag is scanned, the user is directed to your Private Owner Profile. Here you have full control of the data shared so you are fully contactable. For example for a Pet tag profile, we recommend 2 contacts, Vet's information and any relevant medical information.

  • No subscriptions

    Our standard web service with email notification is totally free to use for the lifetime of the tag. The only cost is the one off cost of the tag or label.

  • Web App via Internet Browser

    As our service works via an internet page hosted in the cloud, users do not need to download special apps for the tag to be used.

Why have an X3 Tag?

X3 tag enables your lost pet or property to be reunited with you by sharing contact information to the finder and location data to the owner.

X3 Smart tags are fantastic for pets and we offer a range of labels luggage, business equipment, laptops, bikes and more...

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How does an X3 tag work?

When someone finds an X3 tag (be it on a pet or your property), they are invited to scan it using their phone's camera. The built in QR code gets scanned and their phone is directed to your private online profile that we host within our secure web app. The web app asks the user to share their GPS location and this is then automatically shared with you, the owner.

The private profile lists relevant contact details and other information tailored to the type of item the tag is attached to. For example on a Pet profile, we would recommend Your Owner Contact Information, Emergency Contact, Vet's details and Medical/Allergy information. 

Each tag also displays a web address with a unique ID number which can be used instead of scanning the QR code.

How do I activate an X3 tag?

When your tag arrives, simply scan it or visit the website address shown on the code. You will be invited to create a free account or link the tag to an existing account.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a Quick Response Code are simply a type of two-dimensional barcode that can only be read using smartphones or other devices. A QR code can contain lots of information. Our QR codes contain a web address that directs the person scanning the code at our Web App so they can view your Contact Profile and Share the location of your missing pet or property.

Is there a monthly subscription?

We do not charge a subscription for using Web App for online profile and location sharing. You just pay the one off price of purchasing a tag. We will host your online profile for the lifetime of your tag.

Can I track the location of an X3 Tag?

The location of the tag is sent to you only when it is scanned as the location is gathered from the device scanning the tag, not from the tag itself. This makes each tag cost effective to purchase, as well as no subscriptions, batteries or charging needed.

Are X3 tags compliant with UK law for Dogs?

Yes, they are compliant with UK law as long as you personalise the tag with the correct information.

In the UK, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that any dog in a public place must wear a tag with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it, engraved or printed on a tag. Your telephone number is optional (but we would recommend this).

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